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 Welcome to "At Home with Tom", an online resource that provides home improvement tips, advice, and home related resources to do-it-yourselfer and those looking to contract out their projects. The purpose of this site is to give the you an overall perspective on any project that you may be contemplating.

The focus of this site is to help you to leave with a little more knowledge, a few new ideas, and some newly acquired resources than when you came. It's also about making your home more livable and more in line with your personality. It doesn't matter if you call home a large house or a small apartment. It should suit your and your family's needs and tastes.

Home improvement Tips - Remodeling Advice - and Home Related Resources.


Power washing a deck - Home Improvement TipsSoon it will be time to start thinking about your deck. This week is featured articles on cleaning, stripping, power washing, and staining your deck.

Spring can be a tough time to refinish the deck with the days of rain and showers. Having the wood dry is extremely important in the staining and sealing process. Read more....

Are your heating and cooling bills getting to be too much? There's no reason to not be comfortable in your home and still save money through making your home more energy efficient.

The newest series of articles deal with summer, winter, and hot water energy savings. Listed are numerous tips to make your home more energy efficient and save you money each month. Start conserving energy today.

Creating a fireplace makeover - updating an older fireplace

Tips for the home -

• Consider three-way lamps; they make it easier to keep lighting levels low when brighter light is not necessary.
• Use task lighting; instead of brightly lighting an entire room, focus the light where you need it. For example, use under-cabinet lighting for kitchen sinks and countertops under cabinets.


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